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What it does.

Designed and developed in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Versoshield protects the user on several levels. As well as protecting the user from stray fragments hitting the face, the Versoshield also helps prevent moisture droplets carrying the virus from reaching the user and being absorbed through the mouth, nose, or eyes.

Who it’s for.

The Versoshield is high quality, durable, lightweight, and comfortable, offering a substantial number of independently proven forms of protection for the wearer. This means it can be used with confidence by individuals and workers in a wide range of environments including industrial and domestic use:


Care Homes

Retail outlets



...It is also comfortable to wear when shopping, commuting, and walking in crowded places, so you can help protect yourself and others in public environments.

Key benefits and features:

• Protects the wearers whole face, eyes, nose and mouth.

• Protects against stray droplets and fragments.

• Proven to be more effective than a face mask.

• Face masks only protect others, the Versoshield protects both the wearer and others.

• Contains anti-microbial additives to protect against microbes on the surface.

• Head comfort pad to control airflow.

• Easy to clean and sanitise.

• Adjustable and replaceable visor inhibits face touching.

• Fully adjustable headband to fit most adults.

• Designed for comfort and to be worn over longer periods of time.

• Enables people to work together in as normal manner as possible.

• Unique identification tag holder.

Product specification.

Head band material: Medical grade PolyPropylene.

Adjustment mechanism material: Medical grade ABS.

Head comfort pad material: FDA Approved, skin safe SEBS / TPE.

Visor material: FDA Approved anti-fog PETg.


Head band adjustment: Ø170 - 200mm.

Head band width: 32mm (50mm in forehead region).

Visor height: 260mm.

Full visor width: 340mm.

Product weight: 165g Approx.


Versoshield has been designed to conform with EN 166:2002 and

is a Class 1 Medical Device.

The nominated test and certification provider is SATRA

The product has been designed and manufactured in quality

management systems ISO 9001:2015, Certified Quality Management

Systems and ISO 13485:2016, Medical Devices Certified Quality

management Systems.

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