Clear PET is fully recyclable here in the UK and Globally. It is One of the top Three most commonly recycled plastics, and there is a global recycling infrastructure in place to handle PET.

The Aluminium profiles are excellent for recycling and most metal gets recovered for recycling due to its high value.

Magnets, all these you can return to us for reuse.

Plastic end caps. You can put these in your household recycling bin or post back to us for us to reuse or recycle using our in-house granulators to chop up the plastic to be reused.

Alternative screen materials such as Acrylic or PMMA and Polycarbonate are not as easily recycled due to limited facilities and these plastics are not recycled at household recycling centres. All these alternative materials and glass are not as green as lightweight PET due to increased weight which leads to increased transport costs and emissions.
We are keen for anyone wishing to recycle their shields after use have the ability to do so. Please send the shields to us at our warehouse facility. 
Address:  Summit Defence Recycling, Tame Park, Wilnecote, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B77 5DY