SD Frameless Bay Screen

Size: 430mm high - 2 desks
Sale price£311.99


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Made for the modern office space, our new Summit Divide modular screens for full protection and safe division of staff in close working environments.

Utilising our patent protected magnet system, the Summit Divide screens offer a solid permanent solution to protect staff without the need of tools or damage to desks and surfaces.

Available to cover 2, 4, 6 & 8 desks, the SD screen is perfect for office environments where it is difficult to seperate staff or there is a need for members of staff to continue to work as a team.

The crystal clear screens are frameless and non intrusive.

The Summit Divide frameless modular screens are available in 430mm & 655mm heights.

Designed and manufactured in the UK

Why choose the Summit Divide Frameless Screen?

  • Competitive prices
  • Available for quick delivery
  • Modular, fits most desks
  • Offers side and front protection
  • Easy Installation
  • No damage to desk or surfaces
  • Easy to clean

*Available in different colours on request

**Patent Pending IP Protected

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