How to clean you Summit Defence Screen...

Care should be taken when cleaning the screens to avoid damage.

Items needed x2 microfibre cloths

Anti-bacterial spray

  1. Take a clean micro fibre cloth
  2. Spray the cloth with an anti-bacterial spray
  3. Support the screen by holding one of the poles, pull slightly to cause more tension across the screen
  4. Wipe the screen with the cloth over any areas that need cleaning. Careful not to press too hard on the screen when wiping as this could cause the magnet to break it’s hold and the screen to fall over, supporting the top of the screen poles will help this
  5. Using a dry clean micro fibre cloth, wipe the area dry and without pressing too hard on the film


Note: If you aren’t comfortable with this method you can do one of the following;

  • Use an evaporating anti bac spray
  • Lay the screen flat on the desk and apply the same method as above using a micro fibre cloth.



Cleaning screens