Worlds First Digital PPE Screen

This year the government announced new PPE guidelines in line with the current COVID-19 pandemic, which superseded previous PPE guidance. With thousands of employees and students returning back to “normality” across the globe, it’s clear that in a post-coronavirus world, social distancing measures will remain crucial in order to prevent further waves of the virus or any virus that may occur in the future.

Today, all forms of personal protective equipment remains crucial to the everyday lives of millions across the globe - but what if the future of PPE screens could actually enhance digital productivity in the workplace without feeling like an obstruction?

Here at Summit Defence we have developed a mockup of what the future of the multi-functional PPE screen could look like in the next 50 years in a multitude of work environments. 

Based on technological advancements, implementing digital PPE screens in workplaces could provide both protection and functionality to what the world’s new normal will look like.

Features of the Digital PPE Screen


1. Built-in glass monitors

The screen’s main feature will include monitors that are built within the 180 degree glass structure allowing for ease of working.



 2. Video calling capabilities

To promote collaboration within the workplace, the table will have video calling capabilities to call other students or employees in the same room, allowing for ease of social distancing.


3. Blackout for privacy

The screen will feature a blackout function to allow for privacy as well as to restrict cheating during an exam or test in a school environment.



    4. Mirrored screens for presentation capabilities

    To ensure social distancing and collaboration can still exist in the future workplace, the screen will have presentation capabilities to project your screen from others in the workplace.

    5. Sound system with built-in wireless headphones

    State of the art wireless headphones will come included with the desk to allow for the ultimate submersion into the screen. As social distancing will remain a crucial part of the workplace so will listening to personal music in workplaces.


    6. Built-in mousepad and keyboard on table top

    To allow for ease of cleaning the keyboard and mouse pad, this  will be built into the table top.


    7. Lights for attention

    There will be a function to switch on a light to alert attention to yourself - whether to answer a question to a senior member such as a teacher or to direct a colleague to your desk.



    The Future Of The Pandemic-Proof Office

    With the inevitable growth of companies implementing remote working policies, the workplace will never look the same in a post-COVID world. In fact, according to a survey by CBRE, 70% of companies across the globe will be allowing the flexibility for employees to work remotely full time.

    Remote working aside, 38% of companies still firmly believe that the future of the office will remain as important, if not more important than ever, to cities across the globe.

    Here we’ve mocked up what the office might look like, given social distancing measures will remain more integral to future workplaces.

    The Future Of The Pandemic-Proof Classroom

    While nurseries and primary schools remain a major challenge for maintaining social distancing measures in the classroom, implementing the Digital PPE Screens in schools could form a new type of education system which focuses on digital collaboration and interaction.

    Here we’ve mocked up what a school classroom of the future might look like featuring the screens.

    Meghan Jordan, Marketing and Events lead at Summit Defence comments that “the true future of the workplace post-lockdown remains unclear to thousands of businesses across the world. With our latest development of the world’s first Digital PPE screen, we hope the shield highlights just how crucial social distancing will remain in offices indefinitely and not only post-COVID. 

    In times of crisis, we hope to provide these screens in the future to give protection and functionality to businesses, schools, hospitals, museums and more, which can certainly feel like an obstruction to efficient communication and collaboration at the present time.”

    If you’d like to check out our protective screens for hospitals, businesses and schools, see here.


    To create the world’s first digital PPE screen we collaborated with our clients to prioritise the digital features that were deemed most important to include for schools, businesses, hospitals and more. 

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