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Added protection against germs

Patent pending, design registered

In stock NOW! With fast delivery

Learn more about the Summit Defence Shields watch the video below

Learn more about the Summit Defence Shield

Installation Guide

How to install our screens

Stay safe with Summit Defence

Added protection against the threat of germs in the workplace

"With the help of the Summit Defence Shield we have successfully reopened our offices fully for business, great product that works perfectly for our needs. Great team!"

PGR Advisory

"Not only is this a very simple and effective solution to the combined problems of varying sized desks and shortage of perspex/acrylic, it is also a fantastic demonstration of how a company can conceive, design, make, set up a supply chain and go to market worldwide within 3 weeks. Summit at its best. Well done team.”

"We now have all our staff back at work thanks to the help of Mike at Summit Systems. Their new Summit Defence Shields have provided that extra protection and peace of mind to the office staff that it is safe to be back at work. Ideal for anyone in an office environment.”

Calm Homes Limited

"We have re-opened our Training Academy this week after implementing the changes required to comply with all COVID-19 Secure requirements. Thank you to the whole team for making this possible.”

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag UK Ltd

"Almost the invisible attainment we all want in the retail/public face.”